EHR’s Effect on Patient Care

EHR’s Effect on Patient Care

There are many potential benefits to implementing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.  These can include: 1) providers having easier access to a patient’s data, 2) improved patient charting, 3) improved patient care management and 4) the less likelihood of a prescription error.  The challenge in achieving these benefits is the initial disruption the implementation of an EHR system can cause a doctor’s office.  Many physicians have heard horror stories from their colleagues about the difficulties they experienced in installing the EHR system.

Doctors (unbeknownst to them) can appear to be rude when they are not sufficiently prepared to use an EHR system.  At MTS, our clients have dedicated project managers that guide physicians and their staff through every step of an EHR implementation.  We believe in over preparing our clients so that when they are finally using an EHR system in front of a patient, they have the confidence to engage the patient while simultaneously capturing the requisite data in the EHR system.  Our work however, does not end after a doctor has begun to use an EHR system.  MTS project managers will continually supervise accounts to ensure exceptional quality, which in turn produces top-of-the-line patient care.

A recent article in Healthcare IT News states that “….finding the perfect balance between patient engagement and new IT initiatives can be tricky.”  We could not agree more and believe that finding this balance is crucial.  This is why we strive to align the EHR system with our client’s needs and goals, while at the same time always keeping in mind the patient experience.

As other retail stores such as CVS and Walgreens begin to offer low cost primary care, doctors must work even harder to keep their patients coming back.  This underscores the importance of a physician’s relationship with his/her patients.  With the proper training and implementation, an EHR system can enhance the patient experience.  When you work with MTS Healthcare, we are here to help you!

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